Advanced Certificate of Dermatoscopy (Online)


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This online course is aimed at beginners to advanced in the field of dermatoscopy and skin cancer.

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Course Overview

The Advanced Certificate of Dermatoscopy online course has all the magic of our highly rated in person courses (check out our reviews on Trustpilot!) but with more detail to provide you with a richer more advanced understanding of dermatoscopy. It will provide you with a depth of knowledge that can only be achieved through the reinforcement of learning that the online course allows.

Professor Cliff Rosendahl (University of Queensland, Australia) and Professor Amanda Oakley (University of Auckland, New Zealand and the founder of Dermnet) will give you the excellent foundation you need to confidently use dermatoscopy to diagnose and manage lesions.

Learning Objectives 

  • Identify the fundamental workings of a dermatoscope.
  • Develop a strong understanding of the basics of dermatoscopy and how essential it is in aiding you to diagnose and manage lesions.
  • Explain how to conduct a comprehensive skin examination.
  • Recognise the fundamental dermatoscopic features of common benign lesions led by Professor Amanda Oakley.
  • Learn to use the diagnostic algorithms co-founded by Professor Cliff Rosendahl - ‘Chaos and Clues’ and 'Prediction without Pigment'.
  • Develop the tools necessary to help you decide which lesions can be left and which require excising - without needing to diagnose exactly what the lesion is.

Course Features

Revolutionary learning platform

Revolutionary learning platform – we use industry-leading e-learning software to create interactive modules where we reinforce the lecture material to pinpoint and clarify certain topics.

Full accreditation

CPD Hours - ~100 hours are required to fulfil all aspects of this CPD activity (pre reading, course content, examinations and reflection). 

Fully interactive course

Fully interactive course  - combines the latest in video technology to mimic the whole experience of being in the audience. When our professors ask a question in the course, you can participate and answer the question on screen. 

24/7 on-demand content

24/7 on-demand content – lecture content and resources are available 24/7 on-demand. Learn at your own pace and with course content to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Rewind, rewatch and re-read at your own time. 

Structured learning

Structured learning – we have a structured 7 lesson learning program which will take approximately 16 weeks to complete. You will watch lectures, read associated information and do end of lesson quizzes. You will have one year access to complete the course.

Our course co-ordinators are active, friendly and will respond to any questions that you may have.

A helping hand – Our expert course co-ordinators will help you along the way and answer any questions in our discussion forum. This is also a space to enable discussions between delegates. Learning dermatoscopy can be hard - we are here to help you every step of the way!

Course Snapshot

Complimentary Molescope II

Our primary focus is to reduce global morbidity and mortality from skin cancer. We have partnered with MetaOptima so we can offer every student of our dermatoscopy courses a free Molescope II Digital Dermatoscope from MetaOptima (worth $449 NZD / £227 / $449 AUD / $325 USD). This will allow every clinician to make use of the teaching immediately without cost of equipment as a barrier.

Our Speakers and Instructors

Professor Cliff Rosendahl
Professor Cliff Rosendahl

University of Queensland

Adjunct Associate Professor Amanda Oakley
Professor Amanda Oakley

CNZM, University of Auckland

Dr Andrew MacGill, Director
Dr Andrew MacGill (Curriculum Lead)

Skin Cancer Doctor, FRNZCGP

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